Instagram Silver Pack

Send 1 to 5 products and we will get you the content you need in 5 business days.

7 photos
2 GIFs/Short Videos
for up to 5 product


imagine your product here ๐Ÿ‘‡


choose from prebuilt photo & video packs created with e-commerce and social media best practices in mind.


   5 photos
   1 Gif
   *for 1 product


   4 pure white photos
   3 lifestyle photos
   *for 1 product

instagram product photo shoot brooklyn


   12 photos
   3 GIFs/Short Videos
   includes a model
   *for up to 7 products


Yes, standard retouching is included for every image. Any complex manipulations will be paid.

Yes, any revisions made due to Nula’s failure to follow your directions are free of charge. Revisions made due to unclear directions from the client which were open to interpretation and assumption will be paid.

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to provide references to understand what result you would like to achieve. Upload or share links to your reference photos when booking your shoot.

Most shoots are done and final images delivered within 5 business days after receiving your product.
Shoots including a model may take up to 10 business days.

1. You can schedule a drop-off of your product(s) at the Nula office in Brooklyn, NY.

2. You can ship your product with the shipping service of your choice and provide us with the tracking number.

1. You can schedule a pick-up from the Nula studio.

2. You can include a prepaid return label in the box when shipping your product.

If you donโ€™t need your product back, we can donate or discard it for you.