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How to Use Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social Media Marketing is inarguably the present and the future of marketing. With more and more people getting attracted by the internet and getting fond of social media, further inflating the already huge interconnected circle of social media users, social media marketing appears to be cornering the marketing market.

Social media marketing is now a crucial element for any business that wants to compete in the market but knowing what social media platforms to focus on, what content to post, how to gather an audience, how to reach the right audience and most importantly, how to get the audience to actually engage in your content and buy your product can be really tough even for frequent social media users. This article goes into how social media marketing works and what are the steps a small business can take for a competent social media marketing division.

How Social Media Marketing Works:

Social media marketing depends mainly on personalized ads. Social media apps gather data about the users, such as their age, gender, interests, etc. and allow advertisers to decide what strata of people they want their ad to be shown to. Advertisers have to figure out beforehand what sorts of people are most likely to engage in and buy their product. Here are some of the steps a small business can take to be more competent in social media marketing.

Knowing your target audience:

The first and most crucial thing to consider while creating content for your social media pages is your target audience so you can allocate your resources based on where your target audience is. Here are some factors that play a role.

·         If you’re a clothing brand for teens, you wouldn’t want your product to be shown to adults who wouldn’t as much be interested in your product.

·         If, for example, 50% of the people on Facebook are teens, whereas 100% of people on Instagram are teens, it makes sense to focus on Instagram.

·         But would it make more sense to allocate your budget in the same ratio as ratios of percentages of different social media platforms?

·         The percentages aren’t constant. They change over time, but not just that, they fluctuate based on the time of the day.

·         Social media platforms with more teens would also have more competition. Would it, therefore, be a good idea to focus where there’s less competition?

·         The global percentages of audiences will not be exactly the same as the percentages in your area/delivery range. More data is needed to perfect your system.

There is single answer to these questions, but considering these factors into the analysis, it’s possible to get most out of your social media marketing budget.

Content Creation:

Like in any other marketing platform, in order to get any reaction from your audience, your content needs to stand out from the lot. This includes having clever and interesting slogans and captions, creating unique and eye-catching artistic posts, knowing what’s trending and using it as feedback for your production lines, and so on.

When it comes to creating a customer base, customized content creation is the way to go. Customized content or branded content is content that’s entertaining or thought-provoking on its own and doesn’t directly promote the brand in question, but it does result in the audience being more familiar with the brand. 

Establishing a Relationship:

Building a relationship with your audience can help you gather permanent, loyal costumers who might also suggest your brand to their acquaintances by sharing your posts with them. Here are a few tips for establishing a good relationship with your audience.

      ·         Create a Character: This could be the one tip that could help your business win the market. Given the age group and interests of your audience, it can be very engaging if your Content Creation seemed like it’s coming from a person with the same age group with the same interests rather than from a corporation. Netflix and Amazon Prime use this technique to get people to engage in their content. Their Instagram managers create captions in the first person and in a teen language; they pretend like their account is being run by a teen who watches and loves every single show on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Their audience can relate to their posts, and their character since most of their audience is teens.

     ·         Using not-so-formal, friendly language: In order to build a relationship, it’s important that your audience can relate to your posts. Using informal, trendy language can help a lot in this regard, although it depends more on the audience and the product.


Social media marketing can be more accurate and cost-effective than other forms of marketing. These benefits, in turn, welcome more competition, which means more analytics and care is needed in order just to stay in the market. However, with more experience, better targeting, and more engaging customized content, a small business can potentially capture a large part of the market. Contact Studio Nula today to discuss a personalized content strategy for your small business.